Welcome to our 34th Season ~

2016 Grand Canyon Music Festival Poster from Ed Mell

“… all the things that are fundamental, all the things that, to the human spirit, are most profoundly significant, can only be experienced, not expressed.
The rest is always and everywhere silence. After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music
.” – Aldous Huxley

One of the things we say we seek when hiking the backcountry trails of the Grand Canyon is silence: A respite from the noise of the worlds where we live and work. But I have never found a place in the canyon that is truly silent. Rapids, waterfalls, storms, Bright Angel Creek after a monsoon, the wind on Horseshoe Mesa blowing up at dusk from the inner canyon – A symphony of noises! And how often have I been woken up by the chatter of birds early in the morning? No, it isn’t silence we seek in the wilderness: It is the chance to experience the “profoundly significant” – that which cannot be expressed.

With our humble offering of music, from the elegant, vital Catalyst Quartet, to our culminating concerts with French horn player Johanna Lundy, inspired by art, nature, and devotion, we hope your experience of the inexpressible, glorious Grand Canyon is enhanced – even if music is, according to Mr. Huxley, only second best to expressing the inexpressible!
Welcome to the 34th season of the Grand Canyon Music Festival –

Robert Bonfiglio, Founding Director
Clare Hoffman, Artistic Director

P.S. We are starting something new in 2017! Rather than a general admission fee to performances, we are suggesting a donation of $15, an amount based on our historic ticket price. We hope this new policy allows you to give what you are comfortable with, while increasing access for everyone!

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Thus the Grand Canyon is a land of song.
– JW Powell

Our 2016 poster celebrates the National Park Service Centennial
“Sunrise Showers, Grand Canyon” © 2015 Ed Mell