August 25, 2016

Thursday August 25, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Desert View Watch Tower
The Catalyst Quartet
(Karla Donehew-Perez and Suliman Tekalli, violin, Paul Laraia, viola, Karlos Rodriquez, cello),
Clark Tenakhongva, Jeffrey Koyiyumptewa, Clare Hoffman, Gary Stroutsos, The Strata Quartet (Carla Kountoupes, Mimi Papp, Tom Ginsberg, Chase Morrison)

Traditional Hopi singer and drummer Clark Tenakhongva will perform Nov. 12-13 in Mesa as part of the Canyon Records 60th anniversary celebration. Credit: Canyon Records


We celebrate the Centennial of the National Park Service with “Puhutawi”

A new genre of Hopi music, taking the power and sophistication of Hopi traditional music and expanding its sonic possibilities via fusion with contemporary chamber music. Puhutawi composers Clark Tenakhongva, NAMMY-nominated creator of traditional Hopi ceremonial music, Hopi composer Trevor Reed collaborate in this new concert-length work which pays homage to the Grand Canyon – their ancestral homeland and now one of America’s most visited National Parks.

Based on a series of provocative songs composed by Tenakhongva in Hopi ceremonial style, re-interpreted and developed collaboratively by the two composers for a concert audience, “Puhutawi” entices the audience to listen to the environmental and spiritual forces that bring life and motion to the Grand Canyon.

This special concert is free and open to the public